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At Kaydon, we apply engineering experience and expertise to solve the world's most demanding bearing challenges. Kaydon solutions meet the most exacting specifications of the aerospace and defense, commercial aerospace, heavy equipment, industrial machinery, medical systems, mining, oil and gas, robotics, semiconductor, solar, and wind markets.

Kaydon Bearings Markets

Kaydon engineers are ready and willing to apply their design versatility to find the ideal application-specific solution, whether you need one or thousands. Kaydon thin section and slewing ring bearing solutions and bearing remanufacturing program meet the highest quality standards and feature lead times that keep your project on schedule.

Reali-Slim® thin section bearings

Kaydon thin section bearing solutions save weight, create space, reduce friction, increase design flexibility, and provide excellent running accuracy. Kaydon Reali-Slim® and Ultra-Slim® bearings are available in a wide variety of materials, separator options, cross-sections, internal fit up choices, lubricants, corrosion resistance options and contact angles. With bore sizes from 3/4 inch to 40 inches (19 mm to 1 m), Kaydon provides the largest range of thin section bearings. The Kaydon bearing selector lets you search our thin section solutions by dimensions or part number.


Slewing ring bearings

Kaydon slewing ring bearing solutions—are available in a variety of stock bearing sizes and configurations. The Kaydon slewing ring bearing selector lets you search our catalog offering by bearing type, gear type, external and internal dimensions, static loads and other parameters. In addition to the catalog sizes, Kaydon can produce a wide range of custom manufactured bearings. For heavy-duty applications requiring significant load-carrying capacity; for designs where precise positioning is critical; and for the unique requirements of wind turbines, Kaydon can customize its designs to meet your unique challenges. Kaydon manufactures slewing ring bearings ranging for outside diameters of just 4 inches up to 282 inches (10 cm to 7.2 m). Considering the catalog availability, design flexibility and breadth of offering—no wonder Kaydon has become the North American slewing ring bearing leader in the most demanding markets.


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