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Thin section bearings

At Kaydon, we apply engineering experience and expertise to solve the world's most unique bearing challenges. The Kaydon Reali-Slim® inch-standard, thin section bearing is one of the most widely used thin section bearings in the world. Learn more about how Kaydon bearing solutions save weight, create space, reduce friction, increase design flexibility, and provide excellent running accuracy.

Advantages of thin section bearings video - Kaydon Bearings

Advantages of
thin section bearings


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Bearing remanufacturing

Kaydon and SKF bearing remanufacturing programs return bearings to like-new condition at a considerable cost savings compared to purchasing new bearings. Remanufacturing reduces life cycle costs in industries where bearings operate in harsh conditions, such as mining, pulp & paper, metals, and railway. In addition to cost savings, benefits can include extended bearing service life, reliability, reduced maintenance costs, and improved overall asset reliability.

SKF Solution Factory remanufacturing services - Kaydon Bearings

SKF Solution Factory remanufacturing services

spacer SKF bearing remanufacturing program - Kaydon Bearings

SKF bearing remanufacturing program

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Research, development, and testing

Kaydon's engineering expertise and experience extends to the Kaydon Bearings research, development, and testing labs. Kaydon engineers use advanced analytical tools and calculations to understand, test, and recommend the best possible bearing solution for each customer and application.

Bearing life testing video - Kaydon Bearings

Bearing life testing

spacer Application testing video - Kaydon Bearings

Application testing

spacer Environmental test chamber video - Kaydon Bearings

test chamber


Torque and vibration testing video - Kaydon Bearings

Torque and vibration testing

spacer Coordinate measurement machine (CMM) video - Kaydon Bearings

Coordinate measurement machine (CMM)

spacer HDR digital microscope video - Kaydon Bearings

HDR digital microscope

Rockwell hardness tester video - Kaydon Bearings

Rockwell hardness tester

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Thin section bearings
Bearing remanufacturing
Research, development,
and testing