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Kaydon is ready to meet your bearings needs around the world, with sales offices on three continents. Contact us today to find out how Kaydon's engineering experience and expertise can help you solve your most demanding ball bearing and slewing ring bearing challenges.


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Distributor Country Contact information
SKF Argentina S.A. Argentina +54-11-4340-3200
CGB Precision Products P/L Australia +61-3-9584-5311
+61-3-9584-7784 (fax)
SKF do Brasil Ltda. Brazil +55-11-0800-141-152
+55-11-99269-6623 (Whatsapp)
SKF Chilena S.A.I.C. Chile +56-2-437-20-00
Shanghai Huihengde Bearing Co., Ltd. China +86-130-4167-8612
Baina (Chengdu) Trading Co., Ltd. China +86-186-8372-9172
SKF Latin American Ltda. Colombia,
Central America & Caribbean
Rodriguez GmbH France France +33-1-3061-0616
+33-1-3061-5282 (fax)
Rodriguez GmbH Germany,
Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland
+49-2403-780850 (fax)
R.A. Rodriguez, Inc. Other international 516-625-8080
516-621-2424 (fax)
Delta Elkon Mechanical Products Ltd. Israel +972-1-599-500-557
+972-9-8658492 (fax)
Magi S.R.L Italy +39-02-551-94708
+39-02-551-94513 (fax)
Kimura Corporation Japan +81-3-3213-0255
+81-3-3213-0470 (fax)
Meccaone Co., Ltd. Korea +82-2-566-0725
+82-2-566-0726 (fax)
Dain Semicon Korea +82-31-706-8913
+82-31-706-8916 (fax)
SKF de México S.A. de C.V. Mexico +52-722-524-03-36 (tel/fax)
SKF del Perú S.A. Peru,
Bolivia & Paraguay
SKF Portugal-Rolamentos Lda. Portugal +351 214247000
Gulf Chemical Singapore & Malaysia +65-6358-3185
+65-6353-2542 (fax)
Bearings International South Africa +27118990000
+27865244215 (fax)
SKF Española, S.A. Spain +34 917684200
China Bearing Co Ltd. Taiwan +886 (2) 2218-9358
+886 (2) 2218-3000 (fax)
SCH Power Tech Co., Ltd. Taiwan +886-3-559-0988
+886-3-559-2220 (fax)
R.A. Rodriguez (UK) Ltd. United Kingdom,
Denmark, Finland, Norway,
Sweden, Turkey
+44-1462-670880 (fax)
SKF Uruguay Uruguay +598-2924-9200
SKF Venezolana Venezuela +58-241-515-6800