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Kaydon Bearings, an SKF Group brand, is your go-to source for the repair and remanufacture of bearings of all kinds, from any manufacturer. Explore our white paper library to learn more about bearing maintenance, bearing failure prevention, and remanufacturing.


The importance of large slewing ring bearing maintenance in lifting equipment
Large diameter slewing ring bearings are critical components in many applications. In lifting equipment, the large diameter bearing serves as a joint between the upper structure and the undercarriage, providing a means of 360-degree rotation. Find out more about the role of large slewing ring bearings and the importance of proper maintenance.

At a glance: six steps to save slewing ring bearings
Here's an overview of six maintenance tips that can help you prevent the most common, avoidable causes of slewing ring failure.

Proper maintenance keeps large slewing ring bearings going
Large-diameter bearings are custom-engineered and manufactured for specific applications and, because of their size, can be very expensive. Large bearings in heavy-duty, lifting applications are particularly prone to premature failure, especially if proper maintenance is not performed. Learn more about establishing a regular schedule of maintenance.

The warning signs of bearing wear or failure
Don't ignore grinding, popping, or clicking noises: they may be trying to warn you of premature bearing failure. Find out how to recognize and monitor indicators that need your attention.

How bearings are remanufactured
Remanufacturing can significantly optimize bearing life; in fact, given proper maintenance and usage, a repaired bearing will have a life equal to or greater than that of a new bearing.


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