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Commercial aerospace

Kaydon Reali-Slim® thin section bearings save weight and improve fuel economy while providing the commercial aviation industry with exceptional performance. Kaydon's bearing solutions have been specified and proven in flight-critical applications for more than 60 years.

Designed with a cross-section that stays constant as the bore diameter increases, Kaydon precision bearing components achieve the dynamic capacities of heavier bearings, in a smaller envelope.

Key benefits include:

  • weight savings
  • space savings
  • long life and reduced maintenance
  • excellent stiffness
  • reduced friction and low torque (even in extreme temperatures)

Choose from a wide selection of thin section bearings, with bore sizes from .75" to 40" (19 mm to 1 m) and cross-sections from .187" x .187" to 1" x 1" (4.75 mm to 25 mm). Open bearings keep friction low and are easily cleaned and lubricated; sealed bearings feature seals and/or shields that retain lubricant without increasing space requirements.

Kaydon duplex mounted bearings provide low torque and high stiffness for challenging applications. Super duplex bearings have a single common race (outer or inner) with two ball paths, both ground in the same operation to minimize runout and torque. This maximizes precision and assures alignment between the rows, regardless of load conditions or thermal cycling. Kaydon cartridge bearings go a step further, with a single inner and single outer race for optimal performance.

Every Kaydon bearing and assembly is designed to meet or exceed customer requirements, and precision-manufactured for top performance and long life. Races are made of AISI 52100 steel or 440C stainless steel, or high-temperature alloys like M50 steel, Pyrowear® and BG42® (trademarks of Carpenter Technology Corp.), with steel or ceramic spacer balls.

Kaydon bearings and assemblies can be customized with a variety of coatings (Endurakote®, zinc, nickel and more), flanges, integral gears, retainers, and preload settings. Bearing races can be integrated into surrounding components, creating high-value assemblies that enhance capacities and performance. A variety of seals, shields, separators, and lubricants are also available.

Kaydon's strategically located manufacturing operations have earned AS9100 certification, and assembly departments are ISO-certified.



  • Aircraft
    • flight control systems (flap gearboxes and actuators)
    • helicopters
    • landing gear
    • mast and swash plate
    • navigation
    • propulsion and control systems
    • radar and antenna
    • wenches and auxiliary power units (APUs)
    • rotorheads and transmissions
  • Space
    • satellites
    • telescopes


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