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Kaydon Reali-Design® engineering software

Speed the bearing design process with Reali-Design® engineering aid software for inch series Kaydon Reali-Slim® thin section bearings, and Reali-Design MM® engineering aid software for metric series Reali-Slim MM® thin section bearings. Our software allows you to:

  • Save hours of tedious computations
  • Reduce bearing selection time to seconds
  • Accurately compute essential life and load analyses
  • Determine safe operating speeds
  • Calculate load deflections

Unlike some other programs, Reali-Design® and Reali-Design MM® software is not simply a catalog on disk. This innovative software is an actual engineering aid designed to apply the calculating power of the computer to your complex design computations.

Use the programs to supplement the Kaydon Reali-Slim® bearing catalog and to select the exact Reali-Slim® inch or metric thin section bearing for your application.

PC System requirements: Windows® 95 or later; 50 MB of free drive space.

Includes a CAD-ready DXF library, training modules, data sheet creation program, life calculations, torque & deflection graphs and much more, for both inch and metric Reali-Slim® series thin section bearings.



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