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Kaydon literature now available on SKF Shelf app



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Muskegon, Michigan, USA...Users of iPhones and iPads can download Kaydon product catalogs, brochures, and application guides directly to their devices via the newly updated SKF Shelf app.

SKF Shelf provides access to a myriad of SKF and Kaydon brochures and product guides, allowing users to download the literature within the app.

Once you've downloaded or updated SKF Shelf, download Kaydon literature by:

  • Opening the app, selecting Settings, and then selecting Preferred Languages
  • Scroll down to select English (United States) as one of your preferred languages
  • Select the search icon at the bottom, and type Kaydon in the search field at the top
  • Choose a brochure or catalog and your preferred format (high quality, low quality, or both), and press Download

Once downloaded, literature may be accessed whether the user is online or offline. Kaydon product literature may also be downloaded to desktop computer and other devices via the Kaydon website.


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