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Kaydon Ultra-Slim® bearing provides high precision, speed, and low friction for laser data transmission terminals



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Muskegon, Michigan, USA...The Kaydon Ultra-Slim® bearing is playing a role in free-space optical (FSO) communications, a laser data transmission technology that's capable of significantly higher data transfer rates than wireless solutions.

ViaLight Communications GmbH has introduced its new MLT-20, a micro laser communication terminal that weighs just 11-18 lbs (5-8 kg) and is optimized for high-vibration aerial platforms, making it ideal for airborne craft such as drones and helicopters.

The Kaydon Ultra-Slim stainless steel thin section bearing was specified for the terminal's design because of its extreme precision and speed, low friction, small dimension, and low weight. The terminal's alignment unit is based on a high-precision, two-axis tilt mechanism with direct drives that enables the terminal to track the ground station and maintain its data link at all times. Non-linear friction within the system is minimized to achieve the highest degree of precision possible.

Read the new case study to find out more about the innovative design.