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Kaydon markets

Mining excavators and shovels


The slewing bearing OEM alternative

When it's time to replace or repair a worn hydraulic excavator or shovel slewing bearing, mine operators are saving $100,000s by choosing Kaydon, an SKF Group brand, over the OEM.

New replacement for any OEM slewing bearing
Kaydon manufactures new slewing bearings to any OEM specs, applying the same engineering expertise we use to design new bearings for flight-critical aerospace and defense applications. Kaydon's slewing bearing inventory includes many excavator and shovel makes and models. If we don't have your model on hand, we can design and manufacture a new bearing to order.

You can count on your new Kaydon replacement bearing to meet or exceed the original OEM specs; perform as well as or better than (and as long as or longer than) the original; and come with a prorated two-year warranty*. Kaydon is the OEM alternative that can save large mine operators hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Remanufactured slewing bearing for any OEM
Through Kaydon's bearing remanufacturing process, worn bearing cores are thoroughly inspected and repaired to meet or exceed original OEM specs, with as-new or better performance and a full one-year warranty. Our slewing bearing inventory includes some remanufactured cores as well as new replacement bearings. If we don't have your model in inventory, we can locate a core or remanufacture your worn bearing.

Mine operators have saved up to $250,000 and found that their Kaydon remanufactured bearing lasts as long or longer than the original. Others order a new replacement and have us remanufacture their worn bearing to use as a spare. Find out how much major mine operators have saved in our surface mining newsletter.

Have a worn bearing you'd rather sell? Ask us about our bearing purchase program.

* Full warranty for 15 months after date of delivery, then declining cost of replacement of ten percent (10%) each month to twenty-four (24) months after date of delivery.


Mining equipment slewing bearing inventory

Kaydon typically has the following new replacement and remanufactured bearings on hand. We're always adding slewing bearings to our inventory, so if you don't see your equipment OEM, make, or model listed here, contact us.

Manufacturer Model
Cat 5080
Cat 5110
Cat 5130
Cat 5230
Cat 5130B
Cat 5230B
Demag H185S
Demag H285S
Hitachi EX1100
Hitachi EX1800
Hitachi EX1800-3
Hitachi EX1900
Hitachi EX2500-5
Hitachi EX2500-6
Hitachi EX3500
Hitachi EX3500-6
Hitachi EX3600-6
Hitachi EX5500
Hitachi EX5500-5
Hitachi EX5500-6
Hitachi EX5600
Komatsu PC1500
Komatsu PC1600
Komatsu PC4000
Komatsu PC5500
O & K RH120
O & K RH120E
O & K RH170
O & K RH200-HD
O & K RH200-LD
O & K RH340
O & K RH400


Bearing core purchase program

Do you have a used bearing you'd like to sell? Contact us for details. We're especially interested in obtaining bearings for the following makes and models, but will consider others as well.

Manufacturer Model
Komatsu PC2000-8
Komatsu PC3000-6
Komatsu PC5500-6
Komatsu PC1800-6
Komatsu PC3000
Komatsu PC8000-6
Komatsu PC4000-7
Komatsu PC8000
Komatsu PC4000
Komatsu PC4000-6
Liebherr R994
Liebherr R9350
Liebherr R996
Liebherr R9250
Liebherr R994B


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Kaydon Bearings - markets - mining - excavator and truck

Kaydon Bearings - markets - mining - excavator

Kaydon Bearings - markets - mining - excavator

Kaydon Bearings - markets - mining - excavator & truck